Lesson From Surah-An Naas

Illustrated Lesson From Surah-An Naas
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Fir’awn thought he was God and today mankind thinks this way. We have become our own God, but for true peace we need to follow Allah’s way and His word.

Our own bodies and minds have become temples and idols to be worshiped and bowed down to. “Freedom”, “Live Free”, “Do what makes you feel good?”,” Don’t worry about who you have to step over to get to the top?” Are these not common phrases in our repertoire today? Is this what we are teaching our children, to become ruthless and selfish in the pursuit of their own wishes and desires, to become Fir’awn? We need teach them that to achieve true peace and true happiness we need to follow Allah’s way and His word. Then and only then will we truly be free. Otherwise, we all know how it ended for Fir’awn. Allah always has the last word, no matter what we think we may know.

One of Powerful Lesson From first 3 ayah of Surah An-Naas…


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